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screenbuddy®  conquers the German market!

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Crooked monitors belong to the past, the screenbuddy® solved the problem forever! What are you waiting for?

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Top 3 Benefits

Smooth Adjustment

Thanks to it's well-designed mechanism,
screenbuddy® snaps and locks in easily.

Preferred Angle

The screenbuddy® allows you to smoothly adjust angles between 0° and 45°

Optimal Fit

Flat or curved monitor back, the TPE flexibility and high-quality adhesive enables adaption to any kind of screen.

Ergonomy is Key!

The screenbuddy® helps you to align your monitors in an ergonomically correct way. This not only makes you more productive, but also prevents eye, neck and back pain.

Fully up to your preferences.

15°, 25° or 35° angle? No problem! With the screenbuddy® you can easily set and save the angle according to your preferences.

Follows any movement

Ein kleiner Stoß gegen den Tisch oder die Putzfrau ist mal wieder an die Monitore geraten? Die Zeiten, in denen Du die Monitore neu ausrichten musstest, sind vorbei!

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Never set your screens again!

Often annoying: The gaps that are between the monitors. These are not only annoying for the eye, but also for the overall impression of the setup. The screenbuddy® provides a remedy!

In the Office or while Gaming

Work Smart

The screenbuddy® offers you a practical add-on to seamlessly lock your screens in their ideal position. That's how you create an amazing workplace.

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Game Hard

The screenbuddy® blends your screens together and allows you to dive deeper into the game while dramatically improving the aesthetic of your now complete gaming setup.

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