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We all experienced it, the gap between our monitors. Does it just make my workplace look untidy or is it more than that?

The answer unfortuneately is, yes!

By switching your focus between two monitors, your eye is forced to constantly refocus in a matter of seconds. This new focus takes place between the current content of the screen and the closest object your eye recognises through the gap between the screens. This may be a picture on the wall or the co-worker across from you. This phenomenon of the eye is tiring in the long run and can lead to a lack of concentration.

Our screenbuddy® locks in the ideal position for you and allows you to dive into your work carefree. The relief of your eyes, neck and back keeps your concentration longer on the top level.

Our screenbuddy® provides the solution! Thanks to the innovative magnet technology, your screens are perfectly adjusted in no time. No annoying gaps and in addition you have the possibility to set the angle and height individually and ergonomically.


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