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Game Hard

Level-up your Gaming Setup

Clearer rundowns, less misclicks and an overall greater gaming experience: The screenbuddy® let's you enjoy games in a new way.

With several displays, speakers, and backlights, you own an impressive gaming set-up? Nice! But do you notice that irritating gap between the monitors? Sorry but you can never unsee it now - it's hella annoying.

Push your set-up to it's full potential and use our screenbuddy®. It'll fix the issue - forever!

Your screens will start to blend together and allow you to dive deeper into the game while dramatically improving the aesthetic of your now complete gaming setup.

Top 4 Benefits


How does it work?

The screenbuddy®️  is equipped with a high-quality 3M adhesive tape on its back. This is located on a flexible base plate, which ensures that your screenbuddy®️  can be attached to any screen back. It doesn't matter if the back of your screen is straight or curved.

The two wings of the screenbuddy®️  are magnetically connected and thus ensure that your screens are perfectly held together. The convenient thing about it is that you can separate your screens again at any time.

If you change the vertical angle of your screens, the panels can move with you. The great thing - if you now turn the signs with the logo to the right again, the plates are fixed and save your set angle.

Even if you disconnect the screens and then reconnect them in a split second, your angle will be saved.