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Backup of Office

Organized, structured, cleaner - your office or home office with the screenbuddy®

We all know it, the gap between our screens. Does it just make my workplace appear untidy or is there more to it?

Unfortunately the answer is, yes!

Because changing your gaze between your two monitors forces your eye to refocus in a matter of seconds. This refocusing takes place between the current screen content and the next object that your eye sees through the gap in the screen. This could be a picture on the wall or the colleague across the street.

This process of the eye is tiring over time and can lead to a lack of concentration.

Our screen buddy ® can help! Thanks to the innovative magnet technology, your screens will be perfectly adjusted in no time. No annoying gap and you also have the option to set the angle and height individually and ergonomically.

The screen buddy ® fixes the ideal position for you and you can plunge into work without any worries. Relieving the strain on your eyes, neck and back keeps your concentration at the top level for longer.

It's not just us and our friends who are excited about the screen buddy® . The jury of the German Design Awards was also enthusiastic and recognized our innovation as the winner in 2020.

Top 4 benefits

How does it work?

The two wings of the screen buddy ®️ are magnetically connected and therefore ensure that your screens stay together perfectly. Totally practical because you can separate your screens at any time, for example to clean them.

Even if you disconnect the screens and then reconnect them in a split second, your angle will be saved.