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screenbuddy® | Game Hard

The Level-Up for your Gaming Set-up!

Clearer rundowns, less misclicks and an overall greater gaming experience: The screenbuddy let's you enjoy games in a new way.

With several displays, speakers, and backlights, you own an impressive gaming set-up? Nice! But do you notice that irritating gap between the monitors? Sorry but you can never unsee it now - it's hella annoying. Push your set-up to it's full potential and use our screenbuddy®. It'll fix the issue - forever!

Your screens will start to blend together and allow you to dive deeper into the game while dramatically improving the aesthetic of your now complete gaming setup. 


Top 3 Benefits

How does it work?

The screenbuddy® is made of two wings that attach to the monitors you choose to connect. Just now, the full power of the small add-on unleashes. Your monitors are locked in individually preferred angles between 0 to 45 degrees, enabling accurate positioning and better control.

The monitors can be quickly dis- and reconnected for easy transport or cleaning.