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screenbuddy® | Work Smart

Create an Amazing Workplace in the office or at home


You spend a lot of time in front of the screen and are lucky to use several monitors. Great! But what about the irritating gap in the middle that has been frustrating you for years?

Our screenbuddy® offers a quick fix! Thanks to the innovative magnet technology, your screens will be perfectly calibrated in no time. No distracting gaps and the tilt, height difference, and inclination of your monitors can be adjusted individually and ergonomically. The screenbuddy® locks your ideal position, so you can fully focus on your work. The relief of your eyes, neck and back allows you to maintain a higher degree of concentration.

The screenbuddy® is popular amongst more than just us and our buddies. The German Design Awards jury was thrilled as well, and our Innovation was named the winner of 2020.


Top 3 Benefits

How does it work?

The underlying technology is based on a simple concept: The screenbuddy® is made of two wings that attach to the monitors you choose to connect. Thanks to their magnetic effect, the wings ensure that both displays are kept in place seamlessly. This removes the need for complicated display synchronization in the future.